3D Product Storefronts

(The app above requires the Unity3D Web Plugin. If you can see an “Install” button above, click to begin installation. If the auto-install doesn’t work, you can download the plugin here)

The 3d model of a duck statuette above is a virtual representation of a real-world object sitting on a shelf in my house. It was created by taking a series of photos of the statuette from different angles using a simple 8-megapixel digital camera (a Canon Powershot SD850IS, to be precise).

This sequence of images is then post-processed. Image-matching and texture-analysis is used to compute a 3d model from the images, onto which a realistic surface texture is mapped based on the content in the various images. If you scrub around to look under the duck’s beak, or on the underside of the breast, you’ll see some untextured patches. The method isn’t perfect, and requires photos to have been taken from many different angles to get a full texture.

Hopefully you can see, though, how much interactivity is achieved just by placing the 3D model on a virtual pedestal and providing simple orbit & zoom functionality. This app also runs as a standalone app on Android and iOS tablets, meaning 3D models could be made available for detailed browsing in virtually any setting.

If you’ve got physical products and are interested in creating a virtual storefront so that people can explore your products in 3D without actually entering your bricks & mortar store, then please get in touch so we can discuss your precise needs.

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