TweetQureet (Beta) – Auto-Curate your firehose Twitter Feed

TweetQureet - Your most interesting timeline Tweets - delivered to your Inbox

I love Twitter, and use it every day. I soon found, though, that – once I’d Followed more than a couple of dozen people – the volume of tweets on my feed became unmanageable. I just don’t have time to read every tweet that comes through, every single day. But as a result, there’s always the possibility that I’m going to miss an important tweet. You know, that innocuous tweet, which happened to fly past while I was asleep at 3.30am. Doh!

I’m not talking about the big news stories here – those get retweeted-to-the-nines. I’ll hear about them. I’m talking about the little stories – those niches that only I – and perhaps a few thousand other people on the planet – will be interested in. *Those* stories … well, they’ve very easy to miss, amongst thousands of other tweets. Sure, I can search for #hashtags on Twitter. But I’m not going to do that every single day, for every tag of interest. Far too much work! And far too manual.

What if there was a service which could learn about my special interests, then automatically check my feed for me and curate the most important tweets each day? That’s where TweetQureet comes in. Once you’ve signed up, TweetQureet will look at your Twitter activity and decide which subjects you are most interested in. It’ll then filter your feed, and send you a brief email report each time some new top-tweets come in. Best of all, this is all automatic. There’s no manual training required. Best of all? TweetQureet is Raspberry-Pi powered!

Sound useful? Please signup to be a Beta Tester today! Then sit back and watch your curated tweets roll in. TweetQureet is live and in early Beta. All feedback (positive and negative) will be gratefully received. Don’t hold back! I want to make TweetQureet as useful to you as possible.

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